What Is New in MySQL 8.0

What Is New in MySQL 8.0

The following features have been added to MySQL 8.0:

Data dictionary:MySQL now incorporates a transactional data dictionary that stores information about database objects

Atomic data definition statements (Atomic DDL):An atomic DDL statement combines the data dictionary updates, storage engine operations, and binary log writes associated with a DDL operation into a single, atomic transaction.

Upgrade procedure:After installation of a new MySQL version, the server now automatically performs all necessary upgrade tasks at the next startup and is not dependent on the DBA invoking mysql_upgrade.

Security and account management: These enhancements were added to improve security and enable greater DBA flexibility in account management like The grant tables,new caching_sha2_password authentication plugin,MySQL now supports roles,MySQL now maintains information about password history, enabling restrictions on reuse of previous passwords and MySQL now supports FIPS mode

Resource managementMySQL now supports creation and management of resource groups, and permits assigning threads running within the server to particular groups so that threads execute according to the resources available to the group.

InnoDB enhancements: These InnoDB enhancements were added:

  • The current maximum auto-increment counter value is written to the redo log each time the value changes, and saved to an engine-private system table on each checkpoint.
  • When encountering index tree corruption, InnoDB writes a corruption flag to the redo log
  • InnoDB temporary tables are now created in the shared temporary tablespace, ibtmp1.

Character set support: The default character set has changed from latin1 to utf8mb4.

JSON enhancements. The some feature also added to handle  JSON data like JSON table etc.