How to configure 'Drupal 8 content gallery module'

How to configure 'Drupal 8 content gallery module'

The 'Content gallery' module is power full extension to create content image gallery for drupal 8 website . You do not required to write single line of code and setup gallery within 5 mintues. Here are feature for this module.

Feature for Content gallery Module

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Work fine on all devices

Requiremenets for Content gallery Module

  • Your site theme should used bootstrap 'Bootstrap v4.3.1'
  • Images used for gallery should have same dimensions.

How to configure Content gallery Module

  1. The first step is to install the module just like other module. Copy the module under custom folder(modules\custom).
  2. Create taxonomy e.g Gallery and add item in Gallery taxonomy like Home, Portofolio.
  3. Open content type that you want to use for Gallery
    1. Go to structure -> content type
    2. Select the content type that you want to use for Gallery e.g Article.
    3. Click manage field
    4. Click edit for Tags field
    5. At the bottom under Reference type select new created Vocabulory e.g Gallery.
  4. Create Content
    1. Create content.
    2. Attach taxonomy for the content.
    3. Add image.
  5. Plack block
    1. Go to structure -> Block layout
    2. Choose the region where you want to show Gallery.
    3. Click place block and enter 'Mnc' in filter block name then select 'Mnc Gallery block' click place block.